Would You Like to Be Served By a Butler?

Sandals Grande Antigua Travel Agent Review: Part 1: Butler Service

As some of you know, I am very picky about what I recommend for my clients. We work too hard for our money to not have our expectations exceeded! Well, my experience at Sandals Grande Antigua was far better than what I could ever express. I can honestly tell you that the sometimes challenging flight itineraries and prices are well worth it! This resort has topped my list of favorites and I can’t wait to return.

My husband and I were blessed with the highest category suite at the resort – The Luxury Ocean Villa One Bedroom Suite with Private Pool. This suite was not only romantic and a true haven for respite, but it came with the Butler service. Anyone have a Butler before…tell us about it? Anyway, some of you may be wondering “What is butler service at Sandals or Should I get Butler Service…is it worth it?” The answer to your question – yes, Yes, YES!

Butler at Sandals Grande Antigua

Lou and Tami with their Butler, Lincoln, at Sandals Grande Antigua

Here’s what the Butler service did for Lou and I…

When we first arrived, instead of staying in the lobby where everyone else checked in, we were whisked away to our suite where our Butler checked us in. He had champagne, fruit, cheese and crackers available for us and oriented us to the resort. Our dinner reservations were already made for every night we were there…this is a great service as it saves you time.

Butler Suite at Sandals Grande Antigua

Hunter, our Butler had our suite ready with a delicious fruit plate and a bottle of champagne!

Nice Extra Touch!

Our first night there, when we came to our suite after dinner, our outdoor whirlpool tub had candles and fresh flowers around it and a bucket of champagne and glasses available for our special moment. Our first morning there, the butler served us breakfast on our private patio. When we had dinner reservations at Kimonos, our Butler escorted us to the restaurant and made sure that we were taken care of.

Butler decorated whirlpool at Sandals Grande Antigua

Whirlpool decorated by our Butler

What a Surprise!

The last night there, Lou called the butler and had him romantically decorate the suite before our return from dinner. When we walked in, the lights were dim, music was playing and candles and flowers were everywhere. He even drew a bath in our Jacuzzi tub and filled it with scented oil, fresh flowers and real candles surrounded it. It was such an incredible experience to walk into unexpected. While the butler did the work, it was my wonderful husband who arranged it, so he got the credit! The Butler arranged our check out and allowed us extra time in our suite on our last day.

Butler decorated jacuzzi at Sandals Grande Antigua

Jacuzzi Tub decorated in our butler suite

Decorated canopy bed by butler at Sandals Grande Antigua

Decorated Bed by our other butler Hunter

What Your Butler Will do For You!

Since we were there for only 3 nights and had business to do most days, we didn’t get to fully take advantage of our Butlers. Here are some other things a butler will do for you:

  • save a special spot for you on the beach or at the pool
  • put together a cooler of your favorite beverages for your time on the beach
  • bring you a drink or something from your suite that you forgot,
  • in-suite dining – any meal,
  • set up your spa treatments & watersports activities…you get the picture!
  • Set up any excursions you would like to do
  • Of course, my personal favorite, even decorate your room for an evening of romance!
  • Anything that the resort offers, or you can think of, your butler can do for you
Butler serving breakfast at Sandals Grande Antigua

Hunter, our morning butler, serving breakfast to us on our patio

Not only does a butler offer a truly luxurious and pampering experience, but they save you precious time while there.

But What About Privacy?

Some of you might think that a butler would be intrusive and you may not feel comfortable with him or her. You’re not alone. Honestly, a butler isn’t there to get in your way or hover over you. They anticipate your needs and are available via cell phone. There is a “Do not Disturb” button for your suite that you can push, so never fear!

What About Tips?

Are tips required? It’s not a required part of the service and is based on your personal experience. Some of you may just want the wicked cool suite and won’t really use your butler for much. If that’s the case, then your tip would be less. Those of us who take full advantage give what we can afford based on the value of the service. Keep in mind, that your Butler does a lot for you behind the scenes as they are in charge of staff who cleans your pool, cleans/services your suite etc. With all that said, how much should you tip your butler? I would start with $20 per butler per day (you have two per day) as a guideline, but again, this is at your discretion and is not expected.

Not one, But Two Butlers!

Also, you will have two different Butlers during your stay, one for the day shift, one for the night shift. They communicate with each other regarding requests and keep a log of everything so that all your needs are met. You may tip one Butler more than another if you feel that one did more for you in the end. The best compliment you can give them is a high score on your assessment of your stay. Our Butlers were Hunter and Lincoln…call me to book your Butler suite and I’ll request them for your stay!

Here is a testimony from one of our couples who had butler service while celebrating their honeymoon at Sandals Negril.

Laura and Derek at Sandals all inclusive resort in Negril Jamaica

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