Review of Sandals Grande Antigua – Best All Inclusive value in the Caribbean

World Class Food!

The Sandals resorts offer the best all inclusive value in the Caribbean.  Sandals  Grande Antigua offers even more all inclusive value among all of the Sandals resorts, when it comes to food quality, and  this particular resort is one of the best resorts for food, that I have ever experienced.   Most resorts have good food, but this resort  truly has world class food!  When Lou asked the general manager about the amazing food,  he told Lou that food quality has been a major emphasis at Sandals Grande Antigua.    Sandals’ restaurants are excellent for any one on a honeymoon, having a destination wedding, or anniversary trip.  Everyone will find a meal they will love!

The main courtyard area consists of 1 buffet restaurant  (Bayside) open for all meals.  We had our lunch buffet there our second day, and the food was fantastic!  There is also a magnificent view of the beach and ocean from this open air restaurant.

Bayside Restaurant with Buffet style caribbean cusine

Night view of Bayside Restaurant

The Courtyard Bistro (grilled specialities) plus two other  a la carte restaurants give you great food options that you just don’t get at other resorts.   Evening entertainment is in the Courtyard and the piano bar is upstairs near the OK Corral restaurant.  By the way,  I had the Salmon at the Ok Corral, and my husband, Lou, had the NY Strip Steak,  and both were incredible.  Lou said the steak was one of the best he had ever had from any restaurant!

Kimono’s Asian Stir-Fry

Kimono’s Sushi and Teppanyaki is on this side of the resort.  If you like an authentic Teppanyaki experience,  Kimono’s is a fun and entertaining  restaurant to eat at!  Our Chef, prepared the food right in front of us, and it was delicious.  Depending on which chef you get,  your experience can be  a little different.  While all the food is high quality, our chef was not as charismatic as we thought he would be.  We heard that the chef  “Sugar” was the one to ask for at Kimonos.  We heard he puts on a great show,  and serves great food.  Reservations are required for Kimono’s but not for the sushi bar.  The Sushi bar is a great place to come and snack while you wait for you table at Kimono’s to be ready.

Sushi Bar at Sandals Grande Antigua

Sushi Bar Display at Sandals Grande Antigua

Kimonos Teppanyaki restaurant offers world class resort food at Sandals Grande Antigua

Chefs prepare world class food at Sandals Resorts.

More Great Restaurants!

The Mediterranean Village has the fabulous Barefoot by the Sea restaurant  – A La Carte for all meals,  If you are wondering what A La Carte means, it means that you can order off of a menu with many choices to choose from.  Many resorts force their guests to eat from a buffet only, or a very controlled menu.  You will not find this at any of the Sandals restaurants.  Again,  I can not stress enough, what a great all inclusive value all of the Sandals resorts offer.  One cool thing about an all inclusive resort, is that if you can’t decide on one item, go ahead and get both items.   At Barefoot by the Sea,  Lou couldn’t decide on the Jerk Chicken, or the Chicken Bagget sandwich, so he got both,  and much to my dismay,  also ate it all!  But our food was amazing!  Again, you can’t beat the food at Sandals Grande Antigua.

Gourmet Caribbean Cuisine at Barefoot by the Sea restaurant

Barefoot by the Sea restaurant

The Cricketers Pub is where all the action is for those late night lovers.  The Cricketers Pub is based on a traditional English Style Pub.  Butch Stewart, Sandals founder, actually made his pubs as exact replica’s of a Pub he saw in the UK.  Many people go to the Cricketers Pub late at night,  after a dinner at one of the other restaurants, and have a drinks, snacks, karaoke, and sometimes live music. The last night we were there,  Lou and I decided to do a progressive dinner,  and we went to Cricketers for an appetizer, then we went to the Ok Corall to have dinner.

Cricketers Pub, an English style Pub at Sandals Grande Antigua

Lou and I starting out our progressive dinner at Cricketers Pub

We were going to go somewhere else for dessert, but the food was so great at Ok Corrall,  that we couldn’t leave!   Marios is the fancy Italian restaurant at Sandals Grande Antigua, and although I did not get a chance to eat a menu meal, ( the agents were given a set menu for our first dinner there),  I am sure that the food is on par with the same high quality as all the other restaurants.

Brick Oven Pizza Even in the Caribbean!

One of our favorite places to eat,  was the Bella Napolia Pizzeria!   This restaurant is open from 11:00am-6:00pm everyday, and is the perfect place to eat when you arrive at the resort.  When we arrived, we checked in around 3pm and were tired and hungry.  The brick oven Pizza was quick and delicious.  Tami and I each got our own personal pizza and it was just enough to tide us over until dinner.   The day we checked out,  we were leaving around 12:30pm,  so around noon, we ordered our pizza and had a good lunch,  and still made our transfer with plenty of time.

Bella Napolia Pizzeria at Sandals Grande Antigua

Bella’s Pizza was always a nice treat for a snack or a quick lunch.

All of the Sandals resorts throughout the Caribbean have incredible food.  There really is a difference between food at different resorts.   I have been at many restaurants at resorts where the food was not in the same ball park as Sandals.  Sandals may cost more at times, but there is a difference in quality for sure.

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