Top Caribbean Honeymoon Locations: Jamaica

Yes, we know it is a fairly well known spot, however, these are the reasons we recommend it.
1. Jamaica is close enough to the U.S so that a honeymoon couple does not have an extreme amount of travel time.   West cost travelers will have a longer flight.   We believe that a honeymoon couple needs to arrive at their destination in a timely fashion.   This allows them to arrive at their destination early enough to enjoy their first day, that is paid for, and not waste any of their vacation investment.
2.  Jamaica has incredible tropical beauty and variety.   On one side of Jamaica you have one of the top beaches in the world in Negril,  the famous 7 mile beach,  and just about an hour south, you have the Y.S Falls and black river.  In the north of Jamaica, there are beautiful mountains and tropical rain forest.  It is like having two different experiences at once, without a lot of extra travel time.
3.  Jamaica has a great variety of activities and excursions available.   You can zip line through the rain forest, swim with dolphins, go horse back riding, Bob Sled Adventure,  climb water falls and dive in them as well.  And more that I haven’t listed here.  Jamaica is a safe destination.  You have to use common sense as in any place you would travel to, even in the United States.  We have always found the people there friendly and never felt worried about being safe.  Staying with a tour, not venturing off on your own, is always recommended.
4.  Finally,  Jamaica offers an excellent choice of all-inclusive resorts that have a wide variety for every personality.  Some are more expensive than others,  some are more romantic than others.  Some are adult only, some are family resorts.  We have our personal favorites that I know will give my couples a great experience.
Here are some resort recommendations:
For a luxury, low key romantic getaway with a focus on pampering and service, plus easy access to adventure and scenic beauty, check out Sandals Royal Plantation.
For a good price, blend of romance, fun and relaxation, easy access to adventure and scenic beauty, plus plenty of action in a hip and trendy setting, check out Sandals Ochi Beach Resort
For laid back luxury, the best beach, romantic sunsets, fabulous suites and fantastic water sports, check out Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa
For an authentic beach resort feel with luxury touches, a fantastic white sand beach, upbeat atmosphere, great water sports and fabulous dining, check out Sandals Montego Bay – perfect for a short last minute getaway!
For a relaxing yet fun atmosphere with a classy element, awesome off shore island, beautiful white sand beach and exchange privileges for extra dining,  the best suites (over water bungalows), great for a last minute getaway focused on rejuvenating, check out Sandals Royal Caribbean
For a remote and secluded feel, pristine white sand beach, awesome pools, romantic and relaxing atmosphere, yet still fun and entertaining, plus a great price for a beachfront room, check out Sandals South Coast
I hope this information was helpful to you in your planning! For the latest deals and promotions:
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