The Amazing Y.S Falls!

Beautiful Jamaican Countryside

After our Crocodile adventure, we traveled about a 1/2 hour to the Y.S. Falls.   Some consider the Y.S. Falls to be better than the Dunns River Falls which are about 3 hours away from where we were at.   The Y.S. Falls are truly a Garden of Eden,  full of beautiful jungle and flowing water.  The  falls also  have 7 distinct cascading waterfalls that flow down from the mountains.   Because the water  flows down from the mountains, it is very cool and refreshing.   At the bottom of the falls is a spring fed wading pool.  The Wading pool is an excellent spot to relax and cool off, while some of the more adventurous people climb the long stair case up the falls.

YS falls in Jamaica are one of most beautiful sites in all Jamaica

The beginning of the Y.S Falls

Incredible Beauty

I will show a lot of pictures with this post, because a picture is worth a thousand words, and the pictures do a much better job of showing the beauty of the falls than I could ever do.  There is also a canopy zip line that you can do over the falls, that is really cool, as well as, a river tubing adventure that our family did that was also very cool!

YS Falls in Jamaica

Looking up at the falls from the bottom

YS Falls in Jamaica

Coming closer to the top

Side view of middle point of the YS falls

YS falls in Jamaica

The high point of the YS falls is a very steep drop

Go Ahead, Jump in!

One of the highlights for our family at the falls, was  walking up to a platform overlooking the falls and swinging on a rope and then jumping into the bottom of the falls.  I have some great photos and some awesome video of  our kids jumping into the base of the falls.  I was very impressed with the workers there, they made sure that everyone was safe and helped us jump in safely.

Our daughter swinging over the falls

Jumping into the water

Here is some great video of our girls jumping into the base of the falls!

When we were done enjoying the falls,  we did river tubing in the river that flows from the base of the falls.  The river tubing was an incredible experience as well.  (as long as you don’t crash into a tree).   The whole Black River crocodile/Y. S. Falls tour was excellent and I encourage you to give me a call for ideas and help in booking your next tour.  The people at Island Routes did a great job for us!

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