How to Plan A Destination Wedding at Sandals or Beaches All inclusive Resorts

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How to book your Sandals or Beaches Wedding:

It is beneficial to book your wedding as far in advance as possible, especially if you have a particular date and if it is a Holiday weekend.  So, how far in advance should you book your Destination Wedding?  If possible, 1 ½  – 2 years before hand, at least one year. If you don’t have this much time, that’s okay.  Just give me a call and we’ll see what is available. Call me for your consultation and we’ll determine what room category and get group pricing (if applicable).

Group Pricing:  What You Need to Know:

The first thing we will do is secure your room with the $400 deposit. Once we have that, I will secure your wedding date and time and get a wedding group code.  The group code will be used if we choose not to have a group contract and will assist you in receiving any group amenities you may qualify for (like a free upgrade). If a group contract would be better for your group, I will let you know.  As a reference, the group contract is definitely beneficial if we are booking in advance and you have 5 or more rooms.  This will ensure the low rate (rates can change plus availability can’t be guaranteed).  A 10% deposit is required to secure a group which will hold a block of rooms and is generally paid by the bride and groom. This money will be applied toward your personal room as guests call me to secure their space.  A group contract will be the 10% deposit for all rooms held, not the $400 room deposit mentioned above. Once the contract is in place and the deposit is made, I can secure your wedding date and time. Call me for details!


Why book your Destination Wedding with Paradise Getaways?

When you use my destination wedding agency, Paradise Getaways LLC, to book your wedding away, you will:

  • Receive expert & honest advice and direction to ensure you have all the information you need to choose the resort and location that is best for you.
  • When you have a question, you’ll have someone to go to.
  • I will assist you and your guests with the travel process and will set up transfers and extra activities.
  • Everything will run smoothly with me on your side.
  • The best benefit you will receive is that your guests will call me with questions and payments, not you!
  • A stress-free way to book your wedding…Pure Bliss!

Legal Requirements:

  • Jamaica: Residency of 48 hours (includes weekend arrivals)
  • Bahamas: Residency of 48 hours (2 full business days – Friday arrival will allow a Wednesday wedding)
  • Antigua: Residency of 48 hours (must include 1 business day, Friday arrival will allow a Monday wedding)
  • St. Lucia: Residency of 72 hours (3 business days, day of arrival/weekends not included. Friday arrival is Thursday wedding, Monday arrival allows Friday wedding)
  • Turks & Caicos: Residency of 48 hours (day of arrival and weekend not included…a Friday arrival allows a Thursday wedding)

Documentation required:

For Jamaica and Turks/Caicos only: documents must be mailed

_ Notarized copies of bride and groom’s state-issued birth certificates

_ Notarized copy of divorce decree final judgment (if applicable)

_ Notarized copy of spouse’s death certificate and related marriage certificate (if applicable)

_ Notarized copy of legal adoption papers or legal name change (if applicable)

_ Notarized affidavit of spinstership and bachelorhood, with raised seal must be dated within 90 day prior to wedding date, if applicable (for Turks/Caicos only)

_ Notarized copy of legal translation of all documents to English along with original documents in original language (if applicable)

_ Notarized copy of passport or driver’s license (Turks & Caicos only)

_ All original and court certified documents must be hand-carried (Turks & Caicos only)


For Bahamas/St. Lucia/Antigua: all original documents with certified court seals must be hand carried to the island. Faxed copies are also required

_ Country issued Passports or State issued birth certificates of bride and groom

_ All pages of divorce decree final judgment (if applicable)

_ If applicable, spouse’s death certificate and related marriage certificate

_ Legal adoption papers and legal name change (if applicable)

_ Legal translation of all documents to English (if applicable)

Hope this helps!  Can’t wait to make your wedding dreams come true! Call or email me for more information on the Martha Stewart Wedding packages.

Remember, before you can secure your wedding package at Sandals or Beaches, you must have your room booked or a deposit down first.

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