All Inclusive Destination Weddings: How Much does a Sandals or Beaches Destination Wedding Cost?


To help future brides and grooms determine what the cost of a Sandals or Beaches all inclusive destination wedding package is, I decided to put together an example pretending that my husband Lou and I are getting married there…I’m so excited and it isn’t even real!

My example is one in which I didn’t necessarily choose the best of the best in each wedding item but I also didn’t go on the cheap end either. After all, this is my wedding day – I deserve to spoil myself a little, right?

You’re invited to Lou & Tami’s wedding at Sandals Resort in Jamaica. Lou and Tami are having 30 guests join them as they celebrate their romantic all-inclusive sunset wedding. Here is what they chose to create their once in a lifetime beach wedding:


  • Bride’s Bouquet – $375 (these range from $100 – $650)
  • Boutonniere from Groom – $30
  • Corsage for Mother of Groom and Mother of Bride at $30 each – $60
  • 3 Bouquets for bridesmaids at $125 each – $375 (range from $65 – $300)
  • 3 Boutonnieres for Groomsmen at $25 each – $75
Caribbean Seas of Romance Bouquet, Orange Rose Boutonniere, Criss Crossed Ribbon Wrap

Caribbean Seas of Romance Bouquet, Orange Rose Boutonniere, Criss Crossed Ribbon Wrap


  • Bamboo Wooden Ceremony Structure – $150
  • Fabric Décor – $150
  • Set of two White Rose Floral Décor – $450
Bamboo Ceremony structure, Sea Glass Fabric and White Rose Floral Decor

Bamboo Ceremony structure, Sea Glass Fabric and White Rose Floral Decor

Ceremony Entertainment

  • 1 Hour Calypso Band – $287.50

Ceremony Touches

  • 30 chair cushions @$10 each – $300
  • Sand Ceremony – $100
  • Twilight (Sunset) Hour – $600

Reception Table Linen (4 tables needed for a group of 30)

  • Table Overlay (tablecloth) @ $100 each – $400
  • Cloth Napkins – no cost
  • Centerpiece for 4 tables @ $250 each – $1,000 (these range from $75 to $900)
Sand Ceremony, Orange rose centerpiece and chair pad

Sand Ceremony, Orange rose centerpiece and chair pad

Reception Entertainment

  • Guitarist – $350 (I can’t just have my guests sitting in silence while they eat!)
  • Fire Dancer – $400 – why not? We’re in the Caribbean!
  • DJ for 2 hours – $500 (time to get this party started!)

Reception Touches

  • 8 Tiki Torches @ $15 each –  $120
  • Specialty Lighting – $300
Fire dancer, tiki torches and specialty lighting

Fire dancer, tiki torches and specialty lighting


  • $350 plus extra tier at $100 – $450
  • A cake must be purchased but instead of an extra tier you could opt for cupcakes priced at $36 per dozen. For demonstration I am adding the cake cost into the final tally.
cupcakes, wedding cake and extra cake tier

cupcakes, wedding cake and extra cake tier

Photo Package

  • Traditional Package with 110 image Photobook, 25 Thank you cards, 2 brag books, CD of all purchased images – $1400


  • Starting at $500

Bridal Salon

  • Trial Hair styling – $45
  • Bridal Hair styling – $90

Premier Hour Reception: Private Resort reception area for 1 hour. Wedding Toast and a selection of Chef Inspired Hot & Cold Hors d’ oeuvres – complimentary with 10 or more rooms – woo-hoo!!

*Splendid Wedding Reception & Dinner  – Premier Hour Reception plus a Splendid Plated Dinner and Full Open Bar for 2 hours. Total reception time is 3 hours between the Premier Hour Reception and Splendid Wedding Reception & Dinner. Cost is $45 per person – $1350


Total Cost of Lou & Tami’s Wedding and Reception at Sandals:  $9357.50

Since we had so many guests join us, we stayed for FREE, so our wedding and honeymoon total was less than $10,000 for this amazing celebration!

Please Remember, you can get married at Sandals and Beaches for much less, with the basic Beautiful Beginnings Package


You could pay much more, depending on how elaborate you would like your decorations and other details to be.


As you can see, there are so many extra touches you can add to make your special day be a perfect reflection of you. Prices are going to vary based on what YOU personally choose and how many guests you have, but I do hope this gives you a clear picture of what an all-inclusive beach wedding at Sandals or Beaches could cost.  In my opinion, you can make it work with almost any budget! I’ve seen a lot of couples just get the free wedding package so all they worry about is their travel. It is completely up to you and what you want for your dream destination wedding.

*A lot of couples will ask me why there is an extra charge for a dinner reception at an all-inclusive resort. It is all-inclusive after all, right?  Great question! The reason why there is a separate charge is because it is a separate event just for you. It is your menu choice, not just something you can order from one of the restaurants. They do hire separate personnel to set-up, serve and be in charge of your reception. Sandals and Beaches do a phenomenal job of adding those extra touches that will make your reception shine.


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Please note that prices and availability of certain items are subject to change. This information was gathered and priced out on June 12, 2013.  Not responsible for errors or omissions.